Welcome To Project Spirit


We are all about healing and re-habbing here on the farm, but more so, we intend to put out the word to as many people as we can, that you CAN do something about the horrors you run across. You can do a lot, but even a phone call to the police can start the ball rolling if you persist and keep vigilant. This website hopefully will go far afield, and everyone that see’s it will know, that instead of saying..”Gee that horse is thin”, and then keep on driving, you can say, “Gee that horse is thin” and then follow through. Call the police, or your Humane Society. We all know the police dept’s have bigger fish to fry than animal abuse cases, and are severley understaffed, so you have to be patient with their schedule, but do not be blown off, if nothing is done, call again, and again…and keep at it, eventually you will run across a deputy who cares, and will take the time to do something. Do not get passive, I did for a while, and Spirit died because I was unable to respond when I should have. A lesson very bitterly learned.

You do not have to get as involved as we did, but you can do something, and your name will not be revealed. We happen to just love what we are doing, it gives us the inner joy that we are making a small dent in our basin of needy creatures.

Please just be aware, and DO something. You will love the feeling you get when it does go the right way. I promise.