Adopt a Horse’s Love

Interested in adopting a rescued horse?  To adopt please see the attached application.  We require consent to a home check, permission to speak with your vet and farrier, and 2 personal references who know you around horses.


Kit & Kaboodle (Chico & Chance) - These 2 colts are orphans from the Yakima Reservation.  Kit, the bay, has more mustang characteristics while Kaboodle, the chestnut with chrome, has more domestic traits.  Wild horses from this area are typically a mix of wild and feral horses resulting in quite a mixture within the herd.  The wild horses are managed by the Yakima tribe, outside of the BLM.  Their exact age is not known but based on vet estimates Chico was born in April 2018, and Chance was born in March 2018.  These boys are healthy, have good legs, and are in training with Jessica Bishop.  Watch for them in The Pegasus Project 2019!


Cowboy - 6 year old Mustang / QH cross gelding.  14 hands, 900 lbs of working horse!  This guy has worked cattle, been roped off of, ridden trails.  He is not a beginner horse due to his age and energy level.  He would be perfect for gaming, ranch work, anywhere that he can use his intelligence and energy!  He's ready!  Loads, leads, stands for farrier too!  He is currently in training at The Bishop Barn with Skylar Hunter.  Watch for them at The Pegasus Project 2019



Smokey is a 2001, 15.3 hand, APHA gelding currently in training with Vanessa Holland.  He is seen here at a Clay Wright Horsemanship clinic.  Smokey is refining his skills to be an intermediate rider trail horse.  Watch for them at The Pegasus Project 2019!


Chamois is a 2015 gelding, currently around 15 hands and growing.  He is halter broke, good with his feet and loads nicely in a trailer.  He is rehabilitating from an unknown foot injury.


Grace is a 2006 Appaloosa mare standing at approximately 15 hands.  This big boned beauty is currently having a training refresher with Rebecca Wilson of Realization Ranch.  She will make a great horse for anyone!  Watch for them at The Pegasus Project 2019.


Sister is a 2004 QH type mare standing at approximately 14.3 hands.  She is being refreshed by Samantha Hollinger.  Watch for them at The Pegasus Project 2019!


Camillia is a 2011 APHA mare, standing at a sturdy 15.2 hands.  She was bred as a pleasure horse but we'll see what she does under the training of Shelby Bishop.  Watch for them at The Pegasus Project 2019


Red Star is a 2007 Quarab mare.  She stands at about 14.3 hands.  This girl has a lot of go with a huge personality!  She is being refreshed by student trainer Stacy Vaughn under the supervision of Rebecca Wilson at Realization Ranch. Watch for them at The Pegasus Project 2019!


Jake is a 2010 OTTB.  He's a big calm guy at !6.1 hands.  He is having a training refresher with Bill and Rebecca Wilson.  Watch for him at The Pegasus Project 2019!


Joker - 1998 (estimated) Appendix Gelding, 15.3 hands.  This fantastic young minded gentleman is in conditioning now, almost ready for saddle work.  He is reported to have been a 2nd level Dressage Lesson Instruction horse.  If you need a true friend and a good horse, he is your man!


Adonis - 2000 APHA Gelding, 15 hands.  This is what we call an "honest horse".  He is there to meet you at the gate, has amazing ground manners, and is reported to have been trained for reining.  We are putting a few more pounds and some conditioning on him.  He is a true friend.