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from February 2012

February 27, 2012 18:24 by: Nadine Hoy 0 Comments
Categories: General, Horse News, Rescued Horses

Melanie is a liver chestnut gaited racking mare, broke and ready to go, she crosses water, bridges etc without slowing down, has been ridden on hunting camps in Idaho on the Snake River and  is a people friendly mare. Comes running everytime I step out of the door. UTD on dental, worming and shots etc. One I would love to keep here if I didn't already have too many.

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February 27, 2012 18:08 by: Nadine Hoy 0 Comments
Categories: General, Horse News, Rescued Horses

 Kelly is a 2 yr old bay Quarter horse filly. She is sweet, friendly and very gentle natured. We rescued her as a baby and have worked with her a great deal. She ties, bathes, trailers, etc etc etc and is now ready for saddle training and a life with the right person. Kelly is very special to me, so you had better bring really good credentials to look at this one. I will be the Mother-in-law from hell...thats a promise.


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February 27, 2012 17:57 by: Nadine Hoy 0 Comments

Adam went to a new Home today.  He will be trained and loved.  Wahoooo.


 Adam was adopted from here back in 09 after we brought him back to health. He was rescued from a dreadful place in the north county along with 4 others. He went to his new home and was ridden on a ranch and has had good care. He was recently returned because he needed surgery.

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February 27, 2012 17:11 by: Nadine Hoy 0 Comments
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We are in dire need of panels or a 60 ft round pen. We had one, but the girls at the shelter had so many horses in last year they needed panels for holding pens. They borrowed mine and won't give it back. How rude is that? But I love them all so they will get away with it just this once.

I was lunging and training with a long line, then Auggie came. The 1650lb Clydesdale cross thug with the bulldozer attitude...and he yanked me off my feet and I found out what it felt like to fly...awesome.  Landing... not so hot, but flying is fun. I had better not try him again until I get my training pen back, so if you have anyway you can help us get one again, I would give up my wings and go back to ground working my rescues. Donations have dropped and we are having a tough time keeping up with vet bills and hay, so buying one is not in the cards right now. If you have panels you could donate for a nice tax write off, we would be eternally grateful and I could stay grounded.

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