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December 29, 2011 19:25 by: Nadine Hoy 0 Comments

This cute little stallion came here, again via a good friend. Owners were too old to care for him so to avoid future neglect, we took him in. It was hilarious from the start, he was so much his own man and he was going to rule supreme. Take a look at these antics...


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December 29, 2011 19:17 by: Nadine Hoy 0 Comments



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December 29, 2011 16:46 by: Nadine Hoy 0 Comments
Categories: Rescued Horses

The carriage was sold at auction in Madras Oregon. Thank you Barbara and John.

Look what good friends John and Barbara Evansizer donated to P.S. A restoration dream come true.


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December 27, 2011 14:50 by: Nadine Hoy 0 Comments
Categories: General, Horse News, Rescued Horses

Two Mares were released to P.S. due to a death in the family.

The bay mare had a major hernia that was way too expensive to fix, her intestines were being held by skin only so her previous owner and Project Spirit agreed on euthanasia to prevent further suffering.  Such a shame, she was a very beautiful mare.

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December 27, 2011 14:42 by: Nadine Hoy 0 Comments
Categories: General, Horse News, Rescued Horses

 Pepper is a very lovely mare, 20-21 yrs old and super trained. We had her teeth and feet done, wormed and ready to go to her forever home. She is about 15 hands and will follow you like a puppy, she has amazing manners and respect. Please contact us if you would like this lovely mare as your forever friend.


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December 27, 2011 14:22 by: Nadine Hoy 0 Comments
Categories: General, Horse News, Rescued Horses

This is a sad story that turned out so well thanks to a kind neighbor. These lovely mares were left to starve on the mountain, unwanted. A kind lady took them in and called us. We picked them up, had their dreadful teeth fixed, feet trimmed, wormed and adopted all in less than 2 weeks. AND they went together to a ranch home where they will live until they die. I danced a jig for these two...so close to hell, then dropped in heaven. WooHoo, made my Christmas for sure.

 So many people to thank for this rescue, you know who you are and I am forever grateful.

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July 07, 2011 16:37 by: Nadine Hoy 4 Comments
Categories: General, Horse News, Status Updates, Other

Thanks to Werner at Wrinkledog Inc. we now have a functional Web Site that we can keep current and full of new information.  The donation page works so if you would like please check it out we would be sooo grateful.  All the best from the Project Spirit Team, and Happy New Year.

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November 24, 2010 13:38 by: Nadine Hoy 0 Comments

The Klamath Large Animal Rescue gals did one awesome job last week and rescued 42 horses in dire need of help. These horses were left on a ditchbank with no food, and water that only the strongest could get to…the weather was about to become very wicked and there were so many in the herd that would never have made it, their injuries and starvation was very ugly so a great group of awesome people moved in and helped these animals get to safety.

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November 20, 2010 13:34 by: Nadine Hoy 2 Comments

These little darlins were here on loan, they belonged to Strawberry Mountain Mustangs in Roseburg, but we got to babysit for a few weeks until we could transport them on to the next leg of the trip. They came from the round up in Nevada. I had so much fun starting these kids and I hope they go to awesome homes.

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September 24, 2010 14:30 by: Nadine Hoy 0 Comments

This is Peso, an incredible Peruvian Paso gelding who was removed from his uncaring owners by our ever persistant shelter volunteer Debbie, one of Klamaths finest deputies and a very caring DDA. This horse was in big trouble, and visions of Spirit came to my mind when I met him. How close he came..but for these three, it could well have been that way. Between them they helped see his future is a good one, not frozen to the ground as winter approaches.His bones are there for the world to see, and it amazes me how he is so blase about it all, the usual depression is not evident in this boy.

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