Donations for the Horses


Would you like to help make a difference in a horse’s life? Any contribution would be very much appreciated.  All donations go directly toward care, feed, vitamins, farrier and veterinary bills.  Please feel free to use the mailing address below to send cash/checks to, or if you are familiar with PayPal use the button below to make a donation. Our account name to donate to is

We are a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization and always in need of funding. Your donation would be very much appreciated. Our Federal ID number is 30-0525427.

Our 2017-2018 Hay is for Horses fundraiser is underway!  Please help us feed the horses in the upcoming winter!

Project Spirit
PO Box 580  Chiloquin, OR 97624
541-891 2921


Gabe - Gabe was a surprise from Zena, born in August 2016.



Sugar Stardust - the pony so sweet she needs two names.  She came to us with a dislocated pelvic bone & hip, a bad stifle due to a failed surgery, extensive hoof problems and bed sores from laying down so long. 


Johnny (white) & Thunder (pinto) - these 2 guys are the best example we have ever seen of making your life be as good as possible.  Between the two of them, they only have 1 eye that works.  They are bonded!  Johnny was born blind but you would never know it by how he runs around.  Thunder lost an eye to an infection.