Horses Needing Sponsorship

Some horses that come into Project Spirit Equine Rescue and Rehab are long term residents or have special needs that make them harder to place.  They are available for adoption but have some kind of issue that prevents them from general placement.  These horses require more care and typically have a bit more expense associated with that care.

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Holly and Surprise


Holly came to us in late December as a throw away horse.  On January 11th she foaled.  We welcomed baby Surprise with loving arms.   Surprise will nurse until sometime in June when she will be weaned.  At that point Holly will begin a training evaluation for adoption placement.  (We believe she is broke to ride)  Baby Surprise will continue training with handling and haltering.  Both are available for adoption, but we expect them to remain as residents until mid to late summer.  Would you like to sponsor them?



Luna came to us with "elf shoes", incredibly long hooves, and affected with Cushing's Disease.  At one time she was the pony horse the grandkids rode but was then thrown away.  She is undergoing hoof care and is on daily medication to treat the symptoms of Cushing's disease.  Once it warms up we will be able to shave off the hair that won't shed naturally.  She has the potential to become a family member once again after rehabiliation.  She is once again happy, trotting around, and interacting with people and other horses.  Would you like to sponsor her recovery?



The vet estimates this gentleman as 25 years old.  He came to us after his owner died and he was left with inadequate resources, thin, with an enlarged knee and needing general care.  Honestly, we thought we would simply make his last days comfortable.  HOWEVER, he has made a complete turn around.  He is a clown.  He loves people.  He trots around like a young pup.  We believe he is the perfect candidate as a companion horse or pasture pet.  Would you like to sponsor him while he continues to recover and find his special home?

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